Unearth Group is an Indigenous, veteran-owned business with an ethos based on social and economic responsibility. Our aim is to provide both equality and equity in employment, and our employment programs are built with these goals in mind. 

We are committed to “paying it forward” in all our business pursuits with a major focus in three areas:

Development and support of Australian businesses and business opportunities with a particular emphasis on Indigenous businesses

Development of business skills and capabilities for individuals and communities in Australia, again with an emphasis on Indigenous participants

Mentoring, education and development of young people, and other groups identified as disadvantaged

Maggie-Jean Douglas

The Indigenous owners of Unearth Group, Alun and David, wanted to capture the journey taken together in developing their organisation and pay respect to the community of family, supporters and employees that have walked alongside them in building their organisation. They engaged Gubbi Gubbi artist Maggie-Jean Douglas to work with them on developing this magnificent piece of Indigenous digital art.

Maggie-Jean Douglas is a proud Gubbi Gubbi artist from the southeast region of Queensland who grew up on Goreng Goreng country and is currently living and creating on Ngunnawal country.
Maggie has been painting for four years now with both digital and acrylic mediums; she enjoys having the opportunity to share her culture with others in this way.

Since beginning painting, Maggie has been fortunate enough to work with many businesses, assisting them by creating artworks specific to their values so that they can have the chance to share their stories through Indigenous art.

“It’s been a pleasure to create this artwork with Unearth Group, as a representation of the four parts that make up the whole company.”


At Unearth Talent, part of our DNA is to build relationships within our local business community and collaborate with other SMEs in developing new opportunities. Our relationship with Recruithero is a great example of this.

We’ve been working collaboratively with the developers of Recruithero, an Australian owned contract management software, and have been using it since it’s beta release in 2022. In doing so, we’ve been able to share our recruitment knowledge and user experience to provide feedback on developing their product and improving our own service delivery, making it a valuable partnership for both Unearth Talent and Recruithero.

Titans Basketball Club

Unearth Talents Directors Alun and David are keen basketball fans and have been involved in local basketball for several years. They recognised there was a need to support former junior players, who had aged out of juniors with unfulfilled potential and wanted to continue to play and enjoy the game of basketball.

Having both coached juniors, they were aware that not everyone blossoms at the same time. So, to cater for the late bloomers, they started the Titans Basketball Club. A place where players who still wanted to see if they had what it takes to play competitive basketball.

Alun and David applied the same approach as they do in business, invested in those who value the investment and provided coaching, facilities, and support. To date, the program has seen success, with a number of Titans re-joining local clubs as part of their premiership programs.